Corn Grits

Corn Grits

Invariably known as Corn Meal, Semoule de maïs, Groats of Maize, Maize Gritz.

Corn Grits JC101

The coarsest of mill granulations; de-germed corn grits are generated from the hardest portions of the corn & contain no chemicals preservatives. The applications of this grade ranges from ready-to-eat cereals to brewing adjuncts and from snacks raw material to foods dressers including traditional Indian namkeens, biscuits, and pizza and bakery applications.

Corn Grits JC108

This finer meal is used for extruded snacks, cereals, processed foods, baked goods, dry mixes, malt beverages and fermentation processes. Dusting Meal - Medium-grade meal are used in hearth breads, pizzas, dry mixes, bread or muffin coatings and bakery blends


Corn Grits Application