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Jyoti Cornex industries are not a new name in the Agro Manufacturing field. In the global market, we offer the finest grade maize/corn goods. We are a leading manufacturer of agro based foods like Corn Grits, Corn Meal; Corn Flour used in Food & Feed industries.We have received ISO 9001, 22000 and 14001 certifications in accordance with international standards.

About Us

Jyoti Cornex Industries

The trust which we have earned among business community nationally and globally is the result of our sincere and dedicated service for the ultimate client satisfaction. We provide our consumers with the high-quality maize, corn grit goods that are healthy and high in nutrition.

You will be amazed by Jyoti Cornex Industries humility as you obtain the greatest quality product and service.

About Us

Our Goals

Our Mission

To be fair to the farmers and to provide the highest quality goods to our clients.


To reach every country on the planet and to develop a brand image that will benefit our customers' businesses.


Provide excellent quality to increase customer satisfaction.

Our Products

Product Range

Corn Broken JC001
4.5 mm to 6 mm
Corn Broken JC002
4 mm to 5 mm
Corn Broken JC003
3 mm to 4 mm
Corn Broken JC004
2 mm to 3 mm
Why We

Why Jyoti Cornex Industries ?

We are well-known brand in the food industry. Our product is privileged to be used as a raw material by leading players in food industry. The provision of high-quality raw materials is entrusted to us by our leading suppliers.
We guarantee uncompromising quality and complete client satisfaction.
We are having a fully mechanized facility to ensure minimum human involment, resulting into maximum hygiene.
Exceptional add-on services that you won't find anywhere else in India.
Provision of products that are tailored to the needs of the clients.
Our Excellent Sales par Service Helps us in establishing a long lasting relations with all our clients
We deal with worlds best shipping lines to provide timely delivery of our products.

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